How We Help

The JTH business model offers a high degree of flexibility to meet the needs of our partners.  Every client is different and their needs vary considerably.  There are a number of foundational principles behind all the work done by JTH that include:

Experience –  Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers uses the the “10,000 Hour Rule” which, based on a study by Anders Ericsson, shows that true talent and expertise are only developed through much experience and many hours of practice.  Coaches and mentors can help speed this along.  For most problems, JTH brings well over 10,000 hours of experience.  When tactical execution is needed the “Associates” have similar experience and expertise in their specific functions as well.

Strategic Thinking as Differentiator – Planning is so often overlooked in the industry.  Yes, business plans are developed, delivered, approved and then often forgot mainly because they often lack the strategic thinking to make them last.  It is the strategic thinking behind the consulting, coaching and even the execution of tactical projects that differentiates the JTH offerings from competitors.  Anyone can do the work but it takes incredible planning skills to make it different.

Executional Excellence – Everything must be done well or it shouldn’t be done at all.  Too often marketers feel that just getting out a lot of stuff will drive their brands.  JTH partners with some of the most experienced marketing talent in the industry to deliver excellence in every piece of work.  The business model allows for the flexibility to work with experts in each specific area while the virtual arrangement allows for pricing efficiencies.

Urgency – Nothing matters until something gets done. The external world is moving at incredible speeds while most marketing work plods ahead at excruciatingly slow speeds. JTH understand how and has the drive to complete work incredibly fast.  Projects are designed with a solid understanding of the client, their customers and the regulatory issues involved.  Getting the job done is a huge momentum driver.

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We would love to talk about our experience as it most pertains to your business.  If any of the below issues keep you up at night let’s get together and we will discuss our work and how we can help:

  • Developing and motivating marketing talent has always been an issue and unique tools are needed to train and lift the entire team.
  • Strategic planning and life cycle work is often overlooked making for operating plans that seem disjointed year after year.
  • Innovation and creative thinking is often lacking in the industry and this is usually due to the inexperience and time constraints on marketing team members.
  • Solving complex problems and overcoming competitive challenges immediately as they arise seems to be a lost art.
  • Product launches are so critical and yet most are not currently succeeding.
  • Customers (providers, payers, patients and policy makers) seem disconnected from the industry and often feel like adversaries rather than partners.
  • Not only is the marketing team feeling disconnected from external customers but also from the sales, medical, legal and regulatory groups within their own company.
  • Sales teams are not able to see physicians and new tools are needed to fill their gaps and complement their work.
  • Due to changing healthcare environment branded pharmaceuticals only make up 15-20% of the market while generics are the mainstay for most therapeutic areas.
  • Connecting with teaching hospitals and key opinion leaders is becoming more difficult and yet more critical to the business model.
  • Tactical fatigue is killing our industry.