About Us

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 Our Vision

Health is the foundation of the human spirit.  Through its innovation, the pharmaceutical industry has played the most pivotal role in extending and improving life over the last century. From today’s foundation this work will accelerate through the coming decades.  This will only happen with the development of both products and people.  JTH exists to make marketing people, their products and their companies better than they ever thought possible.

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Our Thinking

Making people, their products and their companies better than they ever thought possible is a big challenge and this excites us every day.

The image on this website is the famous rooftop garden on top of the Chicago city government building.  It is a symbol for so much of what is needed in the pharmaceutical industry.  First, it is a symbol of sustainability.  We must build healthcare products, businesses and ideas that can endure for decades making the next generation better off than we are today.  Secondly, the garden on top of the complex happenings of the city and even the government offices symbolizes the ability to find simplicity on the other side or on top of all the chaos.  This may be the ultimate challenge for those in healthcare marketing today.  Finally, the garden symbolizes the creativity needed to solve today’s sometimes overwhelming problems.  We need to be able to dream completely different dreams.  Beautiful gardens are no longer only for the country, the suburbs or even the ground.  Sometimes we need to elevate and think bigger and JTH exists to help with this work.

The quote below the image by Daniel Burnham, the famous Chicago architect who developed the “Plan of Chicago,” points out the critical importance of planning to everything we do.  His plan published over a hundred years ago, where he envisions Chicago as a “Paris on the Prairie,” is still the driving force for urban development in the city. Note that he talks about big plans, not just little ideas.  He also talks about plans that build fires in people’s hearts as the foundation for sustaining the plans.  JTH strives to help marketing executives build and execute the big plans needed to improve healthcare and the so many lives that depend on our work.

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Who We Are

John Howard

Founder of JTH and Associates.  Prior to that, he held numerous senior level positions at Parke-Davis, the pharmaceutical division of Warner Lambert.  John was involved in the launch of Lipitor, Rezulin and Celexa as a VP and member of the Parke-Davis Management Team.  He has extensive marketing experience in numerous therapeutic categories, with special emphasis in the CNS area.  While at Parke-Davis, John designed and then launched a Neurology business unit and was part of the organizational shift to regional business units.  He has worked on several strategic planning initiatives, co-promotion efforts and product development teams, with heavy cooperation with scientific experts across the country.

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Zachary Howard

As Director of Business Development, Zach is constantly looking for opportunities to connect with new companies and people in the industry.  He is eager to find ways that JTH and Associates can help your company prosper.  Zach has worked in the industry for four years and has a BS and MBA with a focus on Sustainable Management.

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