An Hour That Will Change Your Life

I just posted my last blog, saw Seth Godin’s post, read for an hour and decided I needed to send it out immediately.  This may be the most important piece I have read in last five years.  Please read and pass it along.  You can find it by clicking here.

For those who have children in school or who just care about school it is a must read.  Pass it on to your kid’s teachers and administrators.  Pass it on to other parents.  This is a discussion that is so worth having.

I am posting this for a completely different reason.  Research shows that successful CEO’s have a unique ability to “associate” or to take things from one situation and make it part of the discussion in a completely different environment.  There is so much here that is relevant to our everyday work and lives as pharmaceutical marketers.  I don’t want to bias you with my thinking but would rather love to hear how it affects you.

I am so late for all my meetings and for all the mundane things that I have committed to do.  I don’t care.  Spend an hour, change your life.

I guess, I just felt there was a “Sense of Urgency” …

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