Let’s Push the Pendulum Back the Other Way

Let’s talk.  Pharmaceutical marketing has been my life for the last 33 years and I am proud of the profession and those I have worked with through those years.   It is time to revive the spirit!

In yesterday’s FiercePharma news, it was reported that 44% of those in the industry are worried about losing their jobs. How is it that almost half of the highly educated experienced executives in our industry are worried about their futures?  Of course I know the reasons why and I understand the “ghosts” everyone is seeing based on all the layoff announcements.  My question is how does one of the most critical industries in our country move ahead if half of the colleagues are unsure of their future?

The industry is facing a lot of headwinds and very significant issues.  The only way we will overcome these and get back on the track is through the talents and creative thinking of all those worried about losing their jobs.  Enough already. It is time for us to all start working together to solve the big issues that will impact our collective futures.

As I reflect on the decades I have spent in the industry, the overriding theme that comes back to me is how much I have learned from others.  I have worked with tremendous bosses, mentors, team members, vendors and clients.  So many people have shaped my life and taught me to love marketing, especially pharmaceutical marketing.

The theme is obvious.  There is huge interdependency in our industry.  We learn from each other.  We challenge each other.  We help each other and depend on each other to move our collective careers forward.  The pharmaceutical world is quite small and our image depends so much on the actions of everyone in the industry.

The purpose of this blog will be to ask the hard questions to challenge the thinking of the marketing community of which I am so proud to be a part.  Please let me know your thoughts as we together try to push the pendulum back in the other direction!

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