Next Steps

Roughly two years ago I began blogging, recognizing how critical the coming months were going to be for full implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  On October 1 the exchanges finally opened and we are now on our way towards complete implementation of the law and allowing many more people to attain affordable healthcare.

I am so proud to be part of the pharmaceutical industry where our leaders were the first movers on reform and without their early efforts, the law would never have passed.  Yes, our industry, which has been under so much pressure over the years, provided the initial financial impetus to make it all happen.  Take a look at this piece from the Huffington Post and just see if it doesn’t make you feel just a little better.

In our industry, like everywhere else in our country, we have those who agree with and those who disagree with the ACA.  Some think it should go away and some think it should go even further and begin to move closer to a single payer option.  I would have loved to have seen it rolled out with everyone working hard to make it better for people and easier to access.  I would have loved every state to have adopted the expanded Medicaid option and really eliminate the uninsured almost completely.  But perhaps I need to be patient and allow the system to progress step-by-step so that all sides feel comfortable with the change.

Regardless of which side of the political spectrum those in our industry fall, I have always been impressed with the overall concern those I work with have for the patients who benefit from our products.  Everyone embraces indigent programs, co-pay cards and program that help make those who need our products lives a little better.  I love the global HIV-AIDS and vaccine initiatives.  I am proud of the way medicine had increased the number of years people live and the quality of lives in all corners of the world.

After writing more than 200 blogs on marketing and healthcare it is now time for me take some time and listen to what others are saying and to spend time helping my clients prosper in this new healthcare environment.  I will be taking a brief break from this blog so that I can act more and talk less, which is not always easy.   I truly appreciate all the comments and feedback I have gotten from those who have followed my blog during these many months.  I am always available to continue the discussion or help in any way.  Just call!  Let’s keep doing good and driving positive change in the healthcare world.  So much depends on us!

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